WHERE’S MAANASA? Hope & Serenity Farm Sanctuary in Nokesville Virginia

      Where’s Maanasa? – Hope and Serenity Farm Sanctuary.     Hey PawSquad! It’s Maanasa, back with a new adventure! Today we’re going out to Nokesville, Virginia, to visit the Hope and Serenity Farm Sanctuary.       What is a farm sanctuary? A farm sanctuary is like a rescue/shelter for farm animals. For example if you have a pet that is a farm animal and can’t care for it anymore, a farm sanctuary would be the place

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WHERE’S MAANASA? Friends of Homeless Animals (FOHA) rescue/sanctuary in Aldie VA

                                Hey PawSquad Summer friends, it’s Maanasa! I hope you’re having a great “remarkable rescues” week so far! This week we are visiting FOHA, which stands for“Friends of Homeless Animals” and is a no-kill cat and dog rescue/shelter/sanctuary. They are super unique in so many ways and I can’t wait to learn about them with you!                  

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Where’s Maanasa? BLUE RIDGE WILDLIFE CENTER, Boyce Virginia

Where’s Maanasa? – Blue Ridge Wildlife Center   Hey PawSquad Summer friends, it’s Maanasa! Today we’re doing something different and visiting some animals that don’t live in your house, but might live behind it… it’s backyard wildlife week!   There are many wildlife centers all around the United States to help wild animals that become injured or orphaned (without parents).  They have a variety of education programs, camps and events year-round to help people & Pawtectors like you learn more

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Where’s Maanasa? – Vets to Pets, Mobile Vet in Manassas, Virginia

Where’s Maanasa? – Vets to Pets   Hi PawSquad friends! Today’s adventure is a fun one, because the adventure is coming to us! For PawSquad Summer’s “PET CARE PREP” week we are having a mobile veterinarian visit our house for a routine vet appointment.     Vet appointments are just like the doctors appointments you go to, but for animals. Usually you have to go to a physical location to visit a pet’s doctor, but mobile vets like Vets to

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Easy to Make Valentine Pet Treats from Kids

Every day should be LOVE YOUR PETS day, and the Pawtector’s PawSquad Team is sure you spoil yours furry friends year-round.   Valentines Day isn’t just for humans this year.  Let’s show some LOVE for those pets that love you every minute of every day!     We’ve put together some really easy treats that you & your kids can make together.   Before we get into the fun stuff – we just want to say SAFETY is a #1 priority for

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Pet Treat / Cookie Recipes for the Holidays!

It’s officially Cookie Exchange Day, and we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share some of our favorite recipes for our four-legged friends! If you know a dog, cat, or horse who loves the occasional treat, these recipes are the perfect way to show them some love this holiday season. If you are looking for a way to give back, making some treats to donate to your local animal rescue or shelter can be a super sweet way to

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