Easy to Make Valentine Pet Treat Recipes for Kids

Every day should be LOVE YOUR PETS day, and the Pawtector’s PawSquad Team is sure you spoil yours furry friends year-round.   Valentines Day isn’t just for humans this year.  Let’s show some LOVE for those pets that love you every minute of every day!     We’ve put together some really easy treats that you & your kids can make together.   Before we get into the fun stuff – we just want to say SAFETY is a #1 priority for

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Meet Punxsutawney Phil: The Groundhog Day Legend!

Hey there, young explorers of the animal kingdom! Get ready to dive into the incredible world of Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog who’s been making weather predictions and winning hearts since February 2, 1887. ?   Photo credit –  WTOP News ? Rise and Shine, Phil!: • Meet Punxsutawney Phil, the one and only Groundhog Guru! He’s 137 years old and the original and only one! • Groundhog Day, celebrated on February 2nd, has a rich history dating back to February

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FOR KIDS: A Heartwarming Dog’s Tale That Saves Lives

  A Heartwarming Dog’s Tale that Saves Lives: In the heart of winter’s icy grip, true animal-loving superheroes emerge, armed not with capes but with compassion. They are the ones who heed the call to build shelters for our four-legged friends, ensuring that no dog or cat shivers alone in the cold. This remarkable journey, as recounted by Valerie Ingram, the author of “Out of the Cold” and Director of Lakes Animal Friendship Society, reminds us that the warmth of

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JOIN The PAWTECTORS! Your VOICE & LOVE Helps Save Animals

PAWSquad Power: Unleash Your Inner Animal Advocate! Attention all budding animal-loving superheroes aged 9-12 (that’s our primary age range, but everyone from 5-17 can join in the fun). Have you ever dreamed of making the world a better place for animals? Well, dream no more because the SUPERHERO themed Pawtectors Program is here to turn you into a real-life superhero for animals all year round! Get ready to embark on exciting monthly missions and activities that will empower you to

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Be A Superhero of Kindness in 2024

Hello, fellow animal-loving Pawtector Superheroes!   As we dive into a new year, let’s talk about something super important – kindness and compassion for all creatures, big and small.   Whether they’re our furry companions, homeless and stray animals, or the wild critters in our own backyards, there are so many ways we can make a positive impact in 2024.   Let’s start by defining kindness and compassion in fun and inspirational words for you, our young Pawtectors’ superheroes, and then explore

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Pet Treat / Cookie Recipes for the Holidays!

It’s officially Cookie Exchange Day, and we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share some of our favorite recipes for our four-legged friends! If you know a dog, cat, or horse who loves the occasional treat, these recipes are the perfect way to show them some love this holiday season. If you are looking for a way to give back, making some treats to donate to your local animal rescue or shelter can be a super sweet way to

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