Our Team

Our passion for animals fuels our daily commitment to aiding them, inspiring us to teach kids the importance of becoming SUPERHEROES for all our animal friends.

The Pawtectors!

Superheroes To The Rescue

Meet some of our dedicated team who work hard to Inspire, Advocate, Collaborate & Educate Animal Loving Kids & Teens to Be Superheroes for Animals.

We believe that Compassion for Animals = Compassion for Humans = Compassion for ALL!

Thank you for letting us show your SUPERHEROES their voices CAN make a difference for ALL animals – companions, homeless & wildlife.



Life-long animal-lover and Director of Animal Angel Aid 501c3. Champion of those who cannot speak. Rescue partner cultivator, author/speaker, fundraising maven & true believer that children CAN make a difference in homeless animals’ lives.

Founder/ Director since 2017


Some of the PAWSQUAD Faces & Furballs who LOVE inspiring your Superheroes.


Art Director/Mindful Well-being Coach

Creative communicator extraordinaire, mindful muse, lover of animals and children. Program creator for mindful wellbeing & art programs for kids. Teaching & inspiring life skills for youth.

MISS "FIFI" (Phoenix)

Director of Colony Cat Care & Special-Abilities Pets

Co-Special Needs Girl who was a former feral farm cat who had an accident requiring her front leg to be amputated, but that doesn’t stop me! I’m sassy & very independent & can chase the “red-dot” laser pointers all day.   


Summer Intern + A Co-Host of PAWSQUAD SUMMER
 She loves working with animals and individuals with special needs, and is studying animal-assisted and art therapy in college.


Social Director of the Crazy Good Cat Crew
Rescued as a 9-week-old kitten from the storm drain of the Home Depot parking lot. Lover of life, lying upside down & following my humans around.
If I were a human, I’d be wearing red glasses, carrying a mini notepad/pencil working as your personal assistant. 


Pawtector Animal-Ambassador

“Grayson is 10 years old, and a larger-than-life autistic, extrovert who loves to socialize not only with people but with animals too!  He LOVES helping demonstrate DIY projects, co-hosting animal adventures and being a PAWSQUAD PRESS Reporter!” – Nicole, (Grayson’s mom)



Lead Treat Taste & Toy Tester
I was a rescued “labradoodle” who was given up when their owners couldn’t take me overseas.    I’ll do just about anything for food, especially whipped cream.  I haven’t met a squeaky or treat toy I didn’t like.    I also get the award for the best cuddlebug ever! Want to challenge me for that title?