Our Team

Our love of animals is what drives our daily desire to Help … as we teach kids about the values of being an Animal’s Super Hero!

The Pawtectors!

Super Heroes To The Rescue

Meet our dedicated team who work hard to Inspire, Advocate, Collaborate & Educate Animal Loving Kids & Teens to Be Super Heroes for Animals.

We believe that Compassion for Animals = Compassion for Humans = Compassion for ALL!

Thank you for letting us show your SUPER HEROES their voices CAN make a difference for ALL animals – companion, homeless & wildlife.



Life-long animal lover and Director of Animal Angel Aid. Champion of those who cannot speak. Rescue partner cultivator, author/speaker, fundraising maven & true believer that children CAN make a difference in homeless animals lives.

Founder/ Director since 2017


The PAWSQUAD Faces & Furballs who are inspiring your Super Heroes.


Director – Programs & Social Media
Kirsten is the co-creator of DayWithDog.com and a social media manager who loves to use her skills to help further the mission of animal rescue and youth humane education. She is a certified preschool educator and loves working with children!


Director – Creative Videos
Co-Creator of DayWithDog.com video journal; passionate about animal rescue. Love making a difference for animals & giving the public a fresh, inspiring view of animal rescue.


Art Director/Mindful Well-being Coach
Creative communicator extraordinaire, mindful muse, lover of animals and children. Program creator for mindful wellbeing & art programs for kids. Teaching & inspiring life skills for youth.


Crazy Good Cat Crew
Rescued as a 9 week old kitten from the storm drain of Home Depot parking lot. Lover of life, laying upside down & following my humans around. If I were a human, I’d be wearing red glasses, carrying a mini notepad/pencil working as your personal assistant. I’m the cat social director at home.


Director of Special-Abilities Pets
Special Needs Girl born with “CH”, cerebellar hypoplasia which makes me a bit wobbly but that doesn’t stop me! I’m goofy & very independent & can be super vocal when I want your attention.


Director of Treat Taste Testing
They call me “chunky”. I’ll do just about anything for food. I also get the award for the best cuddlebug ever! Want to challenge me for that title?



Summer Intern/Host of PAWSQUAD SUMMER

Working with social media, filming and hosting this year’s virtual summer camp.   She loves working with animals and individuals with special needs, and is studying animal-assisted and art therapy in college