Pawtectors FAQs

Pet ownership is not required… just a BIG heart & a LOVE for animals. Stuffed animals are welcome, too! We do teach responsible pet ownership as part of the Pawtectors Program. This provides the fundamentals of animal care & compassion for current pet owners, as well as future pet owners. Adult/guardian supervision is required for any optional animal interaction with our PawSquad members.

Great question!! Our self-paced program is designed with a new animal-themed “MISSION” every month. Any special guest events and other optional activities will be scheduled for the 3rd weekend of the month to allow participation by all PawSquad members who have signed up during the month.

The PAWTECTORS PROGRAM Animal Monthly Missions, Animal Core Compassion Classes, and PawSquad Virtual Summer Camp options are a FLAT FEE per FAMILY, NOT per child. At times we may have special events that will have a “PER ATTENDEE” fee, but we PAWMISE to make it VERY CLEAR in the event description.

Pawtectors wants to teach kids that THEIR voices CAN make a difference. The YouAreNotFURgotten Compassion Campaign fund is The Pawtectors’ 501c3 to help animals in need. PAWSQUAD members will SUGGEST & VOTE monthly on what the compassion fund will donate monies to.  For more info, CLICK HERE!

We’d LOVE to showcase your child/teen’s photography, videography & journalistic skills using animal-related content that MAKES A DIFFERENCE!   We have 3 categories of reporters – Junior (ages 5-8), Reporter (Ages 9-12) & Senior (Ages 13-17). We provide monthly Press Topics & content creation suggestions based on the monthly animal “MISSION” theme! Reporters submit their articles/videos & photos which we share on our social media pages.  For more info on PawSquad Press CLICK HERE.

We strive to offer the most robust, well-rounded year-round educational experience for our PAWSQUAD members. We are always looking for Guest Instructors who would like to share their passion for helping animals & inspiring animal compassion. You can be an animal-centric business, rescue, school, author, celebrity, athlete, school group, organization… obviously, the list is endless. Because of the age of our PAWSQUAD members, we exercise the right to refuse things that would not be a good fit for our program. Reach out to us here on the PAWTECTORS main website with your ideas & suggestions. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Our membership site is created on a dedicated, secure educational platform. There are no chat rooms, no messaging/interaction between PAWSQUAD members or their parents/guardians. Members cannot POST anything directly to the site. All content & course curriculum is provided directly by the PAWSQUAD team.

All PAWSQUAD learning and activities are online. Occasionally, optional activity worksheets may suggest outdoor tasks, to be completed individually or as a family with parent/guardian supervision at your discretion. To ensure the safety of all PAWSQUAD/PAWTECTORS members, unofficial group gatherings under our name are not permitted. Official program-wide gatherings will be announced through our social media channels and corporate notifications.

For safety, offline group gatherings under the Pawtectors Program or PAWSQUAD name are not permitted. However, individual PAWTECTORS approved activities such as drives for rescues are allowed with written approval from the PAWSQUAD team 30 days prior to the event.