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We’d LOVE to showcase your child/teen’s photography, videography, creative art, & journalistic skills using animal-related content that MAKES A DIFFERENCE in the lives of companion pets, homeless animals, and wildlife!

This Month's PawSquad Press Topics:

Our 3 Levels of Reporters:


AGES 9 - 12

Senior Reporter

AGES 13 - 17

Other Ideas!

Whether it's a cat with an extraordinary talent, a dog with the best shake after a bath or a lizard looking for a new home....

Yes! The PawSquad Team realizes that kids/teens of ANY AGE can have creative skills and talents in any of the content media we showcase.
Of course! There are so many animal-related content ideas for each of the monthly Press Topics in the different age groups? For example – Pet Care 101 topic could have “features” done on the reporter’s pet, as well as interviewing a veterinarian or a photo of a vet helping an animal, a pet grooming business, or even pet product reviews. These types of examples can apply to every topic for every reporter age group.
The PawSquad press is set up to be flexible for your reporter’s persona/family schedule. Submissions will be showcased weekly. The deadline for the current month would be by Sunday of the end of the 3rd week. That will give us time to review all emails and get them all showcased.
The PawSquad team will strive to make sure every reporter who has taken the time and interest in the PawSquad press gets recognition. There may be times and topics that generate considerable content entries, but we will do our best to make sure everyone gets showcased.
With the permission of a parent/guardian, we will feature the work on our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram & even LinkedIn), on our websites as well as the PawSquad monthly newsletter.
Privacy & safety of our Pawtectors is our #1 priority. If a parent gives permission to use a child’s full name we will include that. We can also simply include first name & last name initial, with a city/state location. No other information will be shared.
We LOVE the idea of showcases animal-loving local information. Again, with safety as our #1 PRIORITY of all of our Pawtectors, it is imperative that any of our reporters (ages 5-17) get parental/guardian permission prior. We also would strongly recommend a parent/guardian accompanying your reporter on any of their exciting reporting assignments they choose
YES! That is one of the main reasons we created our Senior Reporter & OTHER IDEAS categories. These have a big more challenging topics/questions. It is our hope to see a teen’s creativity really shine in either photography, videography or journalistic skills.

All submissions will be sent to Once submitted they will become the co-property of The Pawtectors and the reporter. We will never share/sell your reporter’s submissions to another site.

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