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The Pawtectors Program

Your kids/teens can be Pawtector Super Heroes and do their part!

As the song goes, teach your children well. Showing kindness and helping, loving and caring for animals of all kinds.
  • Self-Paced, approx 30 minutes per month
  • One Price PER FAMILY not child!
  • Safe, Private, Personal Learning Portal
  • Pet Ownership is NOT REQUIRED

...are a home school resource for animal-loving kids!

  • Our Super-Hero Lessons provide/meet MULTIPLE homeschooling weekly requirements.
  • Our monthly missions include: Reading, Writing, Art, Community Service, Health/Well-Being plus other learning topics!
  • And it provides teens with valuable community service opportunities.

If They...

Then start...

your kids' journey to
super hero status begins right here!


take a look around.

PAWTECTORS’ PAWSQUAD introduces youth to the concept of “paying it forward”. Skills that will carry into adulthood. Learning to give from the heart out of kindness & compassion is just one of many benefits of being part of the PAWSQUAD.

Your child CAN make a difference in your community

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The PawSquad just wants to share our SUPER HERO fun with the animal lovers in your life!!

This 14-day FREE TRIAL will access our “WORLD OF ANIMALS” Monthly Mission Plan.

Calling All Super Heroes!

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