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From Loss to Compassion

The Pawtectors program originated as a result of an incredibly horrific case of animal abuse by a neighbor’s child to one of the founder’s beloved barn cats. The total lack of unjustified anger and rage shown by this child on an innocent animal was the inspiration in the creation of our year-round youth animal compassion program.

We inspire and teach animal compassion and responsible pet ownership (as a current or future pet parent) in a year-round, online and self-paced program showing our Pawtectors that they CAN “be the voices for those who cannot speak”.

The PawSquad Team Leaders & I believe that compassion for animals = compassion for humans = compassion for ALL! You can start in your own backyard and community. Just imagine it – a kinder society for humans and animals alike!

Pawtectors young voices CAN make that happen!

Thank you for letting us inspire your animal lovers to be Superheroes for animals – companion, homeless & wildlife. 


Explore & Inspire Passion For Animals!

We want everyone to lean into this learning lane – it’s fun & informative & allows your kid(s) and teens to explore something they’re 100% passionate about! ANIMALS.

SUPER HERO themed Mission Plans

9 Unique Monthly Topics (Sept - May)
  • Access to FREE &FUN PawSquad Summer Activities (June - August)
  • Self-Paced Activities
  • Age Appropriate Content
  • Parent/Guardian Involvement is Encouraged for younger kids
  • Safe, Private Learning Environment
  • No Direct Contact Among Members
  • Participation with Pets/Stuffed Animals Optional
  • All Learning Abilities Welcome!
  • Fun Rewards for Completion of Monthly Mission Topics
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The Big Plus:

  1. Our Super-Hero Lessons provide/meet MULTIPLE homeschooling weekly requirements.
  2. Our monthly missions include: Reading, Writing, Art, Geography, Community Service, Health/Well-Being plus others!
  3. Provides Teens with valuable community service opportunities
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Self-Paced, Fun & Safe

Your own PRIVATE learning portal. SAFE. NO community chatrooms. NO interaction with strangers. NO uploads to the internet. Designed by parents for parents/guardians with youth safety as our TOP PRIORITY!

  • ALL ABILITIES Welcome!
  • Self-Paced, approx 30 minutes per month
  • One Price PER FAMILY not child!
  • Pet Ownership is NOT REQUIRED
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Pawtectors is a private, safe space for kids

A Private And Safe Space

Kids will be operating in their own space, not connected to strangers.

Safety is our top priority!

Self-Paced Programs

Our lessons & activities work with your schedule. Start, Pause, Restart until completed.

Average time: 30 minutes/month.

Builds Compassion

Kindness to animals translates to kindness for people. Teaching these lessons early last a lifetime.

Inspiring Compassion For All!

Join The Pawsquad For Less Than $1/Day

100% of our PROFITS go to SAVE Homeless Animals. Your “Purchase with a PAWSITIVE PURPOSE” of our programs & merchandise will help save homeless animal’s lives. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN. Your animal-loving Super Hero Kid(s) making a daily difference, Animal’s Lives saved, & more Compassionate Communities.


Individuals and organizations like these:

Pawtector Disclaimers and Notes

Pawtectors’ PAWSQUAD is an innovative, inspirational and educational year-round YOUTH ANIMAL COMPASSION EDUCATION PROGRAM. For the safety of all PAWSQUAD members these are our program participation guidelines:

The Pawtectors Program is to be used with parent or guardian supervision and permission. Our activities can involve your own personal live animals with your child(ren). It is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your child(ren) and animal(s) at all times.

We have an inclusive, kind & respectful community. We expect all members & parents/guardians to act accordingly. Hateful/derogatory comments, inappropriate topics or language, mention of animal cruelty/violence of any kind will get you banned from the program and social media pages upon first occurrence with NO REFUND of paid memberships or programs.

We have a ZERO TOLERANCE for bullying, animal abuse and discrimation of any kind (verbal or physically). Any violation of the law or internet conduct will be reported to the authorities immediately.

We will never request of publish any personal information on any youth under 18 years old. If we receive emails or contact forms from youth under 18 years old, parents/guardians will be notified within 24 hours. We will NOT be able to provide any direct contact/communication with minors.

We do NOT hold IN-PERSON meetups for children that are PART of the Pawtectors PAWSQUAD Program. Members are welcome to hold meet-ups in their area, at their own risk, with the understanding that these are NOT held OR endorsed by Pawtectors. At no time, will The Pawtectors accept any responsibility for the happenings at these informal, unofficial, meetings/gatherings.

We may share or sponsor events for Pawtectors to attend but we do not provide childcare at these events. All children should be accompanied by a parent or guardian and supervised at all times.

We reserve the right to make chances and modification to our participation guidelines at any time. It will be your responsibility as parents/guardians of PAWSQUAD members to keep informed of any changes – emails will be sent out but The Pawtectors are not responsible for undelivered emails at any time.