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From Loss to Compassion & Empathy

The Pawtectors program was born from a tragic incident of animal abuse involving one of the founder’s beloved barn cats, perpetrated by a neighbor’s child. This senseless act of cruelty inspired the creation of our year-round youth animal compassion program, driven by the desire to prevent such injustices and promote empathy towards animals.

We offer a year-round online program that teaches and inspires animal compassion and empathy, as well as responsible pet ownership. Through our monthly self-paced courses and animal-related activities, we empower kids and teens to become advocates for animals, showing them that they can be voices for those who cannot speak.

Pawtectors believe that COMPASSION FOR ANIMALS = COMPASSION FOR HUMANS = COMPASSION FOR ALL! You can start in your backyard and community.  Just imagine it – a kinder society for humans and animals alike!

Pawtectors’ young voices CAN make that happen!

Thank you for letting us inspire your animal lovers to be Superheroes for Animals – companion pets, rescue/homeless & wildlife. 


Explore & Inspire Passion For Animals!

We want everyone to lean into this learning lane – it’s fun & informative & allows your kid(s) and teens to explore something they’re 100% passionate about! ANIMALS.

SUPERHERO-Themed Monthly "Missions"

9 Unique Monthly Animal-Topics (Sept - May)

  • JOIN US for FUN PawSquad Virtual Summer Camp (June 24 - August 12)
  • Self-Paced Activities
  • Age-Appropriate Content
  • Parent/Guardian Involvement is encouraged for younger kids
  • Safe, Private Learning Environment
  • No Direct Contact Among Members
  • Participation with Pets/Stuffed Animals Optional
  • All Learning Abilities Welcome!
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The Big "FUN" Plus for Homeschoolers & Youth/School Groups:

  1. Our Superhero "Missions" & Activities meet MULTIPLE homeschooling requirements.
  2. Our Monthly "Mission" components can include: Reading, Writing, Art, Geography, Community Service, Health/Well-Being plus others!
  3. Provides Youth & Teens with valuable monthly, animal-related, community service opportunities
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Self-Paced, Fun & Safe

Your own PRIVATE learning portal. SAFE. NO community chatrooms. NO interaction with strangers. NO uploads to the internet. Designed BY parents FOR parents/guardians with youth safety as our TOP PRIORITY!

  • ALL ABILITIES Welcome!
  • Self-Paced, approx 30 minutes per month
  • One Price PER FAMILY not child!
  • Pet Ownership is NOT REQUIRED. We are also a perfect for future pet owners!
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Pawtectors is a private, safe space for kids

100% of our Profits go to Help Save Homeless Animals

Your “Purchase with a PAWSITIVE PURPOSE” of our programs & merchandise will help save homeless animal’s lives. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN. Your animal-loving Superhero Kid(s) making a daily difference, Animal’s Lives saved, & more Compassionate Communities.


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Pawtector Disclaimers

Pawtectors’ PAWSQUAD is an innovative, and inspirational year-round YOUTH HUMANE EDUCATION PROGRAM. For the safety of all PAWSQUAD members, these are our program participation guidelines:


Parental Supervision Required: The Pawtectors Program requires parental or guardian supervision and permission for participation. Parents are responsible for ensuring the safety of their children and animals during program activities.

Community Expectations: We promote an inclusive, respectful community. Any hateful, derogatory, or inappropriate behavior will result in immediate expulsion from the program with no refunds.

Zero Tolerance Policy: Bullying, animal abuse, and discrimination are strictly prohibited. Violations will be reported to authorities.

Privacy Policy: Personal information of minors will not be shared or published without parental consent. Parents will be notified promptly of any communication from minors.

Informal Gatherings: The Pawtectors do not endorse or hold in-person meetups for members. Parents organize such gatherings at their own risk.

Event Participation: Parents are responsible for supervising their children at sponsored events. Childcare is not provided.

Guideline Changes: Parents are responsible for staying informed about any changes to participation guidelines. Emails will be sent, but undelivered emails are not the responsibility of The Pawtectors.