YouAreNotFURGotten is the Compassion Campaign created in memory of Tux, and so many other innocent animals who have been/are silent victims of abuse by children/adults

The Mission of the PAWTECTORS is to:

  • Teach & inspire animal compassion in youth everywhere
  • Teach & cultivate responsible pet ownership to all kids
  • Empower youth/teens to know they CAN be the “voice for those who cannot speak”
  • Provide opportunities for compassionate youth to help homeless animals in their community
  • Create & cultivate WIN-WIN volunteer/philanthropy life-skills for our PawSquad members

Debbie is the passionate voice of compassion, in memory of TUX, for those who cannot speak ...

The Pawtectors program originated after Debbie Henry, the founder of The Pawtectors and Animal Angel Aid 501c3, personally experienced an incredibly horrific case of animal abuse by a neighbor’s child to one of her beloved barn cats.

She lived on a beautiful 15 acre horse property in an equestrian neighborhood that was a slice of heaven. She had rescued a litter of 4 kittens at 6 weeks who grew up & lived the life of luxury in her private barn (or her residence if they so chose). Both were a stone’s throw from each other. They were kept inside at night, safe from harm and the elements.

One day, while on an afternoon visit to check on her horses and the cats, found her beloved “TUX” laying in the tack room in a pool of blood & meowing. His front leg was limp with a puncture wound. He was rushed to the vet ER.

The next words still echo in her head years later … “Your cat was shot, the bullet entered his shoulder, travelled down his leg and shattered everything in its path”.

The formal investigation determined, Debbie’s neighbor’s 11 year old, came into her barn with his dad’s bb gun and deliberately shot TUX simply because he was mad at his parents.

The investigator said that children, like this boy, who grow up abusing animals, typically, as adults, will be involved in the physical abuse of humans. And premeditated, unprovoked, cases like Tux’s are particularly alarming.

This total lack of unjustified anger & rage shown by this child on an innocent animal was Debbie’s passion in the creation of the Pawtector’s Program.   Inspiring and teaching animal compassion in a year-round youth humane education program so members of the Pawsquad Protectors can “be the voices for those who cannot speak”.