Meet Our Super Hero PAWTECTORS Organization Supporters & Check out our Awards.

Our 501(c)3

PAWTECTORS is the signature YOUTH ANIMAL COMPASSION EDUCATION program of Animal Angel Aid. Their vision to see a time when all animals are treated & viewed equal. The primary focus is providing education that ALL animals can add joy, happiness and life-long companionship no matter their physical abilities, age or situation.

Our Partnerships

Through a multifaceted, compassionate approach of joint partnerships, community involvement, volunteer networks, education and outreach, Pawtectors & Animal Angel Aid work daily to achieve their mission/vision as the “Voice for those who cannot speak”.

Our Awards

The Pawtectors want to lead by example for our PawSquad members, their families, our communities and business partners.    We’re proud to say our 501c3 has annually received the Gold Transparency award from for the past 4 years.