Hoof Care and Facts!

We love sharing information about animals to Pawtectors just like you. Not everyone has pets or has seen all of the animals that we talk about. Being a Pawtector includes compassion and education on ALL animals, so today we’re going to share a fun (and we hope interesting) topic with you. HOOVES! February is National Hoof Care month, and even the PawSquad Leader Team learned some really super cool new things about hooves. Ready, set, here we go! Did you

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Easy to Make Valentine Pet Treats from Kids

Every day should be LOVE YOUR PETS day, and the Pawtector’s PawSquad Team is sure you spoil yours furry friends year-round.   Valentines Day isn’t just for humans this year.  Let’s show some LOVE for those pets that love you every minute of every day!     We’ve put together some really easy treats that you & your kids can make together.   Before we get into the fun stuff – we just want to say SAFETY is a #1 priority for

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