Why Do Rabbits Make Great Pets?

Rabbits are also known as bunnies or bunny rabbits. Regardless of what you like to call them, most people would probably agree they are some of the cutest animals on the planet. The American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) recognizes 49 unique rabbit breeds.   While there are bunnies found in the wild, they are very different from domestic bunnies. Domestic bunnies are pets and basically can NOT survive in the wild. When they are abandoned outside, there is not a

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Hoof Care and Facts!

We love sharing information about animals to Pawtectors just like you. Not everyone has pets or has seen all of the animals that we talk about. Being a Pawtector includes compassion and education on ALL animals, so today we’re going to share a fun (and we hope interesting) topic with you. HOOVES! February is National Hoof Care month, and even the PawSquad Leader Team learned some really super cool new things about hooves. Ready, set, here we go! Did you

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Pet Care 101: Being a Responsible Pet Owner

February is Responsible Pet Owner’s Month. Before we even get started, there’s a very important question we need to ask. What does “BEING RESPONSIBLE” mean? The PawSquad Leaders are sure you’ve heard that word before. If you don’t know, that’s okay, because we’re always learning something new! So the word of the day is “RESPONSIBLE”. That means being in charge of taking care of something or someone as part of your job or task, and being dependable, keeping promises and

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7 Ways You Can Help FREE Chained Dogs

February 7 – 14 is “Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week”. Pawtectors learn (and know) that they are “the voice for those who cannot speak”. Your voice matters for deserving animals in need, and every Pawtector Super Hero can make a difference. Have a Heart for Chained Dogs week makes us aware of a very sad situation, but with your help and your voice these dogs in need of love and rescue can find their happy ending. Today we’re going to

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What will you do to be kind to animals in 2023?

Welcome to 2023! A new year for new beginnings for every person and animal. It’s also a new year for our amazing Pawtectors to continue their year-round mission of showing kindness and compassion daily to all animals. Pawtectors promotes Compassion, Community, Contribution & Collaboration. These 4 C’s are the SuperPowers of kindness and help us to create a better society for all living things.   How many times have you heard people say “in this new year, I’m going to

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Creating Resolutions to Help Animals as a Family in 2023

As 2022 comes to an end, you may be starting to think about your resolutions for the next year. It’s a tradition that many adults partake in around this time of year, although it can really be done any time! One category of resolutions that can do wonders for your mental health, gratitude and sense of accomplishment is volunteering or donating – and a great cause to consider is animal rescue/welfare. One of the best ways to ensure that you

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