Keeping Pets Safe on July 4th

Hi Pawtectors!

Today we wanted to share ways YOU can help keep your pets safe this Fourth of July (and actually every day too!)

Celebrating July 4th is sure to be full of celebrations, lots of food and fireworks. The celebrations can also be an anxious and dangerous time for your pets, especially dogs.


Did you know that more pets go missing during the July 4th weekend than any other time of the year?  We want to help you, as PAWTECTORS, be prepared in the event your pet(s) do get outside & you’re aren’t able to easily catch or find them.

The PawSquad team knows that you love your pets a lot and use your super powers daily to make sure they’re always safe, happy and healthy.    We just want to share these ways to make super sure July 4th is happy & fun for you & your pets.




It isn’t just the July 4th holiday — Summer is the most common time for pets, especially dogs and cats to go missing.  “Many people coming in and out of your house, more people activity than usual, and especially the noise of the fireworks, all cause many pets to panic and try to run away”,  says Debbie Henry, our PawSquad Director.  “Animals simply get very scared because don’t know where the loud noise & booms from the fireworks are coming from.  Your pet will try to escape because they are afraid and don’t understand what’s happening.”



Being prepared ahead of any noisy celebrations or big family gatherings at your home can prevent heartbreak and sadness over lost pets for humans, AND your pet too!




  • Make sure you have a current photo of your pet(s).  That will make it easier for people to help find them.  Also, for making “Lost Pet” posters, if necessary.  Make sure it’s a picture of their entire body, not just their cute face!



  • If your pet is microchipped, make sure your parent’s information is up-to-date because it makes it easier and faster to get your pet back when they are found by someone else. Did you know that many pet owners microchip their pets, but never register the microchip number.  That means they can’t be returned to their owner!    How sad is that !?   Ask your parents to check their contact info today!


  • If you have outdoor pets, be sure and bring them inside before the festivities and outdoor fireworks begin, as they could be easily spooked, run and even possibly get injured.  If you have horses or other outside animals, make sure they have a safe, secure space to spend the night while loud fireworks or other noises are happening.



  • Make sure your pets have collars ON, and with updated ID tags, especially dogs who are often more easily frightened than their kitty counterparts.   Some adults don’t like having their pets wear collars in the house.  That’s ok.  But during special events & celebrations, when there are more people around, make sure you put the ID collars on!   Justt to be safe!!



  • Be careful about using noisemakers and fireworks. While these are fun for humans, they can really scare your pets.  Do you jump or get scared when you hear scary, loud noises?   Pets do too!  #1 RULE – Keep sparklers and all dangerous things away from pets so they won’t be injured too!



  • Create a “SAFE ROOM” for your pet in your home.  Make a “PET IN ROOM” sign on the door so family, friends and guests know exactly where “FIDO” & “FLUFFY” are.  This will help prevent any accidental pet escapes.


  • Make sure the pets do not have a way to escape as they may try to run when the noises start. Secure all doors and windows so they can’t get outside.


  • If you notice your pet is nervous or scared, provide them with comforting items, food, water and try and distract them with play or relaxing activities.   Sometimes it keeps them calm by putting the TV, radio or even a fan on to distract from the loud noise.


  • Play with your pet ALOT before people come & the celebration starts.   A very tired pet will be more likely to be more calm.  Just like you when you play hard !




First get an adult to help you go look for them.   Kids should NEVER go looking alone.    Be a SUPER HERO & act quickly!  Do not think your pet will come when you call like any other quiet time.   They’re going to be super afraid!   It could be dark outside & they might not know their neighborhood.   Be prepared with food, treats and favorite toys, to get your frightened animal back in.  Take a leash with you because the adult will want a means to secure them if loud, outside noises are still going on.


The very first thing owners need to do is get several people to go search.   Each adult should take a cellphone.  You should go in different directions because you might not know where you pet(s) went.  It’s important to always have a current picture of your pet with you so you can ask people if they’ve seen them.   If your pet is enrolled in a microchip program, have an adult contact them & file a missing animal report.



Often when pets are super scared, they won’t even come to their humans.  This will especially be the case if fireworks are going off in your area.    If you’re unable to locate your missing pet(s), remind your parent(s) to notify the local shelters, vet clinics and online social media boards right away.   You can be a SUPER HERO & create a missing pet flyer and post it everywhere.   It’s really important to do this fast because most pets not used to being outside without their humans.   But because you are a loving Pawtector, your parent(s) & others will help you do everything possible to bring your pet(s) home safely!




Enjoy your July 4th celebration with family and friends — just be sure to be prepared & do these steps so that your furry companion(s) can have a safe holiday as well.

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