Easy to Make Valentine Pet Treat Recipes for Kids

Every day should be LOVE YOUR PETS day, and the Pawtector’s PawSquad Team is sure you spoil yours furry friends year-round.


Valentines Day isn’t just for humans this year.  Let’s show some LOVE for those pets that love you every minute of every day!     We’ve put together some really easy treats that you & your kids can make together.


Before we get into the fun stuff – we just want to say SAFETY is a #1 priority for all our Pawtectors.   Cooking is a Pawtector activity that will ALWAYS REQUIRE adult/guardian supervision !!  Pawmise us!   Trust us too.  All of you will have a really great time making treats and memories together!


Just like the Pawtectors’ Program that is all-inclusive for all ages, abilities and backgrounds of our kids/teens, we wanted to show the love for all kinds of animals.  The PawSquad Team accomplished their mission by finding fun, easy and safe DIY treat recipes for:


  • Birds
  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Horses
  • Rabbits


You can have your parent/guardian download any/all of these recipes hereIt’s FREE!  Even though we’re sharing them for Valentine’s Day, you can share the yummy love of homemade treats, with your own pets year-round.   But for Super Hero animal-lovers that do not have pets of their own, you can make these for the homeless animals of your local animal rescues/shelters.    That would be a really fun & rewarding way to show deserving adoptable animals that they are loved too!


BIRDS:   DIY Valentine’s Birdseed Feeder


A big thank you to notimeforflashcards.com and BargainHoot.com for this really fun Valentine’s activity.   This is the perfect way to even help celebrate the upcoming Great Backyard Bird Count day,  February 17-20.   Show the feathered friends some love this Valentine’s day, and throughout the winter.   Super easy and quick for your Super Hero kids.   Be creative all year round with different shapes for different holidays!  Your kids will love it, so will the birds.







CATS:   DIY Valentine’s Cat Tuna or Chicken Catnip Treats


Get ready to hear the purrs and cat-tastic thanks from your feline family members.  We’re saying thank you to SimplyPets.com for these amazing Catnip Treats – your choice of chicken or tuna.   You can also show some real love and make a batch of both.   The tiny heart shaped treats, sprinkled with catnip, will cause some serious head butts of cat love.   If you don’t have your own cat, consider making some of these yummy treats for a local animal rescue/shelter.   We PAWMISE that their friendly felines would love to show their love to you as a thank you for these meow-agical catnip treats.




DOGS:   Easy No-Bake Strawberry Yogurt Dog Treats


Can you imagine your dog ready to do any trick they know for one of these doggone delicious Valentine’s snacks.   We’re sure you will make them with so much love, and your dog(s) will taste that love with each treat.    The PawSquad Team wants to give a big shoutout to Rover.com for these super easy No-Bake Strawberry Yogurt Dog treats.   Just looking at the ingredients, we think you may be licking the bowl or doing a taste test yourself.   We PAWMISE not to tell your dog, just save some for him.   Best of all, they’re EASY and require NO BAKING.   We’re still going to have you get parent/guardian supervision for any cooking related activity.  Have fun sharing your love with your pup(s) this Valentine’s Day.







GUINEA PIGS:   DIY Valentine’s Cucumber/Melon Guinea Pig Treats


Valentine’s snacks & love are for all animals.   We know many of our Pawtectors might have Guinea Pigs.  Our super sleuth powers found this Cucumber/Melon treat recipe on StreamValleyVet.com.   It was shared from SmallPetSelect.com!   These cucumber/melon treats are going to have your guinea pigs loving you even more!    Just 3 simple, all-natural ingredients.  The fun part comes in being able to form heart shapes with your own hands.   Who doesn’t love to dive in and have a little messy fun!   Get ready to.   Show those guinea pigs how loved they are!




HORSES:   DIY Valentine’s Conversation Heart Horse Treats


For the horses and Super Hero horse-lovers in their lives, check out these super cute conversation heart treats.  Thank you DIYHorseOwnership.com for sharing this easy to bake recipe.   Cooking AND creativity fun are what you’ll explore.   Not only will you show the horse(s) in your life love with yummy carrot/oat/molasses treats, you’ll be able to give them loving messages too!    Pick your favorite conversation heart sayings that remind you of your horse.   You can share those messages out loud as you feed them your Valentine’s treats.










RABBITS:   DIY Valentine’s Strawberry/Banana Rabbit Treats


The PawSquad team accepted the mission to find the best homemade rabbit treats.   We were happy to find the BunnyLady.com who has a lot of really fun facts & finds to share about rabbits.    They are going to LOVE these strawberry/banana treats !   We know how smart bunnies are & these may be the perfect rewards for teaching your bunny new tricks this Valentine’s.





REMEMBER!!  Chocolate is toxic to dogs and cats.

Make sure no one in your family, especially kids, don’t leave these tempting treats lying around.   Many of these yummy chocolates and sweets contain other toxic ingredients such as nuts, xylitol.   Hard candies are a potential hazard since our pets can choke on them, and they may also contain toxic ingredients. Lastly, the wrappers that all these Valentine’s goodies come in can cause choking, stomach irritation, and bowel obstruction of pets, if swallowed.

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