7 Ways You Can Help FREE Chained Dogs

Hey there, compassionate pals! ?  February 7 – 14 is “Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week”. Pawtectors learn (and know) that they are “the voice for those who cannot speak”. Your voice matters for deserving animals in need, and every Pawtector Superhero can make a difference.


It’s important to remember that learning about these situations helps us understand and make a difference. As Pawtector Superheroes, our goal is to spread love and kindness to all animals. In the next part of this blog, we’ll explore 7 wonderful ways you can lend a helping paw to these chained puppies and dogs. Together, we can bring smiles, wagging tails, and a world filled with compassion and care. ?‍♀️?‍♂️?


What a Dog Really Wants & Needs ??❤️

Do you own a dog that you love with all your heart? Do you have family or friends whose dogs are like family members? Those are the truly lucky pooches. It’s probably very hard to believe that any owned dog doesn’t live their life spoiled with kindness, in a warm home, sleeping on soft blankets and beds, surrounded by toys, with daily treats/food/fresh water and humans like you that love them so much.


The Tale of Unlucky Dogs ??

Some dogs, sadly, are not that lucky. They don’t have Superheroes, like you, who love them. Their lives are very difficult and sad. They struggle to survive, especially in the winter.


Did you know that in some parts of the world, including our very own communities, there are puppies and dogs who spend their entire lives attached to a chain? They live in backyards, in tiny spaces where they can’t even stretch their legs. Sometimes, they have to face extreme cold or scorching heat without any shelter, food, or water. Being tied to a short chain without a chance to run and play all day isn’t good for their health, both in their bodies and hearts. It’s something that makes many people sad, and today, we’ll learn about it together. ?❤️


Who Are Chained Dogs? ??

Hey there, our kind-hearted Pawtectors! ? Did you know that some very special dogs, just like you might have at home, are waiting for a little bit of extra love and care? ? They’re called “chained dogs,” and here’s something surprising: they’re not homeless! They have owners, but sometimes these owners choose to keep them outside without the cozy shelter, yummy food, and refreshing water they need. ? They may suffer in silence when they’re sick or hurt because they don’t receive the medical help they need.   Sometimes, these loving, adorable pups are even attached to a chain in their yard their entire lives, and that’s why we call them “chained dogs.”


But here’s the magical part: every single day, these furry friends hope and wait for their Superheroes to come to their rescue! ? That’s where YOU come in! It’s totally okay if this makes you feel a little bit sad or even a tad angry. Those feelings mean you have something truly special in your heart – it’s called compassion for animals. ? Since you care so much, you can ask, “What can we do to show these incredible dogs that people like us love them and want to help?” ?‍♀️?‍♂️❤️



A Day in the Life of Chained Friends ??

Picture this – you’re in your cozy home right now. You can move around freely, play games, talk to your loved ones, and enjoy delicious meals and refreshing drinks. But what if you couldn’t leave your chair? What if you had to stay there all day and all night, unable to even go to the bathroom? No one to talk to or show you love, and not knowing when your next meal or sip of water will come. How would that make you feel? We bet you’d feel pretty sad, lonely, and unhappy. Well, that’s how some puppies and dogs feel. Just like you, they’re living, breathing, and feeling beings who thrive on love and companionship from their humans.



?? Pawtectors, we’re on a mission to learn about animals in need and spread compassion, love, and care to them every single day. How do you think these chained dogs feel knowing they are unloved and unwanted? ? These precious pups have never experienced the joy of loving pets, warm kisses, or the excitement of playing with toys. ??  How does that make you feel?   Chained dogs are eagerly waiting for Pawtectors like you to raise your voices and share their stories, so their situations can be heard and their lives can be changed for the better. ?❤️✨



Surprising Dog Laws ?

Guess what, amazing friends? You might not know this, but in many of our 50 states in the U.S., there are laws that allow owners to treat their furry pals in a way that might make you feel a little sad. ? These laws protect the owners, not the precious pups. But guess what? That doesn’t stop our SUPERHERO animal rescues! ?❤️


These rescues have a super important mission: to do everything they can to make a big, wonderful difference in the lives of these brave dogs who need our help. ? Many of these chain dogs are some of the sweetest, most lovable pals you could ever meet, even though they can be understandably a bit shy sometimes.


Check out this cool table of State Dog Tether Laws, so you and your parents can learn more about how your state thinks and who they protect. If your state has laws that allow pet owners to treat their animals with neglect and abandonment, we hope it inspires you to use your Superhero voice and make a difference. ??️❤️



Changing Lives and Being a Pawtector! ??❤️

Did you know that some of these animals find themselves in really tough situations because their owners might not have enough resources, money, or education to give them the care they truly deserve? It’s super important to remember that in many places, some people view animals as objects instead of precious living beings with big hearts and feelings. ? This way of thinking is what allows a few folks to treat their furry friends poorly, and sadly, some people in your city might think this way too.


But here’s the thing: if you spend time with an animal, you’ll quickly see that they have thoughts and feelings, just like you do! This old way of thinking is definitely harmful and wrong. The good news is, there’s always hope! As we mentioned before, these brave dogs can have a happy ending to their stories. Pawtectors like you play a crucial role in educating and inspiring people to treat animals with the love and care they deserve. ?


Across the U.S., there are many Superhero rescues with a mission to make the lives of chained dogs better, especially when there seems to be no other hope for them. And guess what? You can be a part of this amazing journey by spreading awareness and using your incredible voice for the voiceless! ??❤️



Superhero Rescues to the Dogs! ?‍♀️?‍♂️

HOWS (House of Wood & Straw) Dog Shelter Install project – www.housesofwoodandstraw.org

There are some amazing groups out there, like the HOWS Dog Shelter Install Project, whose main mission is to make life better for chained dogs across the United States. ?? They work tirelessly to build shelters and safe enclosures for these pups, providing them with a more comfortable and loving environment. While it may not be the perfect life for a dog, having a fenced area with a cozy shelter to keep them warm and dry is a huge step up from being stuck on a chain with no room to run or play. These groups are like superheroes for dogs in need, making their lives brighter and happier. ?‍♂️?❤️


Pawtectors Can Also Be Superheroes ?❤️✨

As Pawtectors, we’re all about spreading love, compassion, and care for animals in need. ?❤️ We believe in using our superpowers to make the world a better place for furry friends, especially those who are chained up and in distress. We also use social media to help people understand the tough lives these dogs endure. ?


Here are some ways you can be a Pawtector Superhero and lend a helping paw to chained dogs:

  1. Be their voice! Speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves.
  2. Join the PawSquad Press and share stories about chained dogs to educate others.
  3. If you know someone who keeps their dog chained outside, offer to play, walk, or provide water and food (with your parent’s supervision and permission).
  4. Organize a food and blanket drive for your local rescue that helps chained dogs.
  5. Get in touch with rescue groups to ask how you can assist.
  6. If you see a dog or puppy in danger and desperately needing help, contact your local rescue, shelter, or animal control department.

With your compassion and action, you can make a big difference in the lives of these deserving pups. ?‍♀️??



HOWS (House of Wood & Straw) Shelter/Fence project – www.housesofwoodandstraw.org


The following are a partial list of rescues/organizations that dedicate their time to helping free chained dogs.

Chain of Hope …because animals have no voice. (www.chainofhopekc.org)

HOWS Project – Helping Outside Dogs In Need Since 2008 (housesofwoodandstraw.org

NMDOG   www.nmdog.org

Worthy Dog Rescue – A nonprofit helping dogs living on chains, in confinement, or in abusive situations, and educating the community about more humane treatment of dogs

Dogs Deserve Better | Leading The Way And Making A Difference for Chained and Penned Dogs Across America

Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue  – https://unchainedmelodies.org/


Helping chained dogs definitely takes a village. If you are aware of a situation in your community, but your local Animal Control Officer or shelter is unresponsive, reach out to organizations like the Animal League Defense Fund  www.aldf.org, the Humane Society of the United States www.humanesociety.org, The American Society to Prevent Cruelty to Animals www.aspca.org , American Pets Alive, www.americanpetsalive.org.


Encourage people to bring their dogs inside this winter. A home is where they belong.


Will you have a heart for chained dogs? You may be the only one that has ever cared for them. Your voice and actions CAN save a life!



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