Why Do Rabbits Make Great Pets?

Rabbits are also known as bunnies or bunny rabbits. Regardless of what you like to call them, most people would probably agree they are some of the cutest animals on the planet. The American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) recognizes 49 unique rabbit breeds.


While there are bunnies found in the wild, they are very different from domestic bunnies. Domestic bunnies are pets and basically can NOT survive in the wild. When they are abandoned outside, there is not a happy ending for them unless they find their way to SUPER HERO animal rescue specializing in rabbits.


Many bunnies are bought for small kids as impulse “presents”, especially around the Easter holiday. Unfortunately, many of these parents aren’t thinking about the rabbit as a long-term family member. Once the novelty and initial excitement of having a small bunny wears off,  these sweet animals often find themselves abandoned outside or in animals shelters. They find themselves looking for their fur-ever homes just like dogs and cats. As Pawtectors, we strive to always educate and inspire youth and their families about animal compassion and kindness, which includes setting your pets up for success in your family.


February is National Adopt A Rabbit Month and we wanted to share 10 Reasons Why Rabbits Are the Perfect Family Pet. If you are thinking about a new furry family member, consider a rabbit! We’re hoping that some of the reasons below make you fall in love with these adorable animals & decide to ADOPT one without a home if they are the right fit for you.

1. Rabbits Are Quiet.   

These are the perfect pets if you live in an apartment or close to neighbors, where animal noises might be a concern. Bunnies are so quiet, they rarely make little to no noise. This is also great if anyone in your home is a light sleeper or on specific sleep schedules, like small children. If bunny decides he wants to be a night owl – like so many other types of pets, it won’t bother your family too much. It’s also very unlikely that you will find a chewed up shoe or something destroyed when you come home to a pet rabbit in the house.



If you’ve never had a rabbit as a pet or been around someone else’s, chances are you haven’t been able to experience first hand how amazing & fun these furry fluff balls are. They have very distinct personalities, like any animal. They can be charming, affectionate and VERY interactive with their humans, but others can be shy and more reserved. Like any pet you are considering for adoption, you should definitely spend time getting to know them before adding them to your family. A rescue or shelter will be able to give you information about specific rabbits to determine if your bunny-to-be’s personality is a good fit for your home.

3. Rabbits LOVE TO BOND with their humans.

Bunnies are no different than a dog or cat in this area. The more you interact with them, the more they will get to know you. They can learn to recognize you by sight, your voice & even to come when you call. A bunny may follow you around your home and jump up on your lap on command. From watching TV at your side to playing with toys, bunnies will keep you amused with their engaging personalities and love of being around you. How cool is that? Pet rabbits can provide a lot of comfort and are established forms of positivity during times of stress for both children and adults. For children, a pet rabbit is a great way to spark new friendships with other kids and can teach responsibility.


4. Rabbits require less room than other pets.

These sweet, adorable animals are perfect for people who live in smaller houses, apartments, or are just looking for a cuddle buddy. Is that you? If so, a bunny may be the perfect pet! They don’t need much space, don’t have to be walked, can stay in a comfortably sized cage and are pretty low  maintenance. Like any pet, they do need exercise – preferably a couple hours playing outside of their cage. They can have run of the house or be kept in a bunny-safe room. Their space just needs to be big enough for them to exercise/play, have a litter pan in one corner and their food in another. Yes, bunnies like to keep their food and bathrooms away from each other… just like their humans.

5. Rabbits train easily.

They are very smart. You can train them to use a litterbox, but even more fun, to do tricks!  Rabbits learn like any animal through positive reinforcement. They want to please their humans and are motivated by food/treats. Rabbit parents can train their bunnies the same way a dog is trained. Yes, you can train them to fetch toys, jump through hoops, and run through mazes.  How exciting is that!? (By the way, we’d love to see photos/videos of your bunnies tricks on our Pawtector’s social media pages – with your parents permission of course!). If you have a video to share with us of your bunny, have your parent/guardian email it to press@thepawtectors.org and we may share it on our Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok pages!


6. Rabbits have a long life span.

This is particularly great for families with children. Having pets that can grow up with their kids is a great learning experience. When pet rabbits live inside and have proper care, their age range is 8-12+ years. Like any pet, keeping them indoors, not in houses outside, protects them from predators, the weather, infections by outside animals & other injuries. You should also consider adopting an older/senior rabbit. They have just as much love and entertainment to give. BONUS – older rabbits can still learn tricks too!   

7. Rabbits are available in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Just like dogs and cats, each rabbit is unique and special. Check with local animal shelters/rescues and even online adoption websites. Like dogs and cats too, different breeds of rabbits are known for different personalities, fur texture & length. The perfect bunny is waiting for you to find them.


8. Rabbits are easy to adopt from rescues.   

We told you earlier that many adorable bunnies are given up to shelters every year. There are rabbit rescues in almost every state. Wouldn’t you feel like a SUPER HERO for sharing your SUPER POWERS of love, compassion & kindness to rescue a rabbit in need? They can’t wait to meet you and share your heart and home FUREVER!


9. Rabbits are pretty clean pets.   

We’re not going to tell you a story. Without some litter box training, your bunny WILL poop a lot… and probably all over the house. That’s not a good thing, BUT they are pretty clean animals. Like any pet, you need to put the effort into training them. You’ll need to make sure they have clean, paper-based bedding in their cages. There are lots of online resources for all kinds of rabbit training and care. Bunnies love to groom themselves, but they also LOVE being brushed. This is the perfect way for bunny bonding and extra cuddles.   

10. Rabbits are just so adorable.   

Like any other pet, adopting a rabbit will require careful thought and some research. Bunnies may not be for everyone, but if your family has the time, money (for food, housing and vet needs), and desire to adopt, you will fall in love forever. You’ll need to find a veterinarian that knows bunnies, because not all veterinarians take care of bunnies. They get spayed/neutered just like dogs/cats. You’ll also need to know the proper diet (HINT: it’s not just lettuce and carrots like the movies say). There are many great online resources for all your bunny needs.    


If you’re still really interested in having a bunny in your life, but not ready for a life-long commitment, consider being a VOLUNTEER OR FOSTER with your local animal shelter or rabbit rescue. This would give you some additional experience and time to see if bunny life is truly for you! 




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