7 Ways You Can Help FREE Chained Dogs

February 7 – 14 is “Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week”. Pawtectors learn (and know) that they are “the voice for those who cannot speak”. Your voice matters for deserving animals in need, and every Pawtector Super Hero can make a difference. Have a Heart for Chained Dogs week makes us aware of a very sad situation, but with your help and your voice these dogs in need of love and rescue can find their happy ending. Today we’re going to tell you about “chained dogs” and what you as Pawtector Super Heroes can do to make a pawsitive difference for these forgotten dogs, starting today.

Do you own a dog that you love with all your heart? Do you have family or friends whose dogs are like family members? Those are the truly lucky pooches. It’s probably very hard to believe that any owned dog doesn’t live their life spoiled with kindness, in a warm home, sleeping on soft blankets and beds, surrounded by toys, with daily treats/food/fresh water and humans like you that love them so much.

Some dogs, sadly, are not that lucky. They don’t have Super Heroes, like you, who love them.  Their lives are very difficult and sad. They struggle to survive, especially in the winter.

The biggest surprise is that many of these dogs (and even puppies) aren’t homeless. They have owners who choose to keep them outside without the shelter, food, and water that they need. Many times, they are attached to a chain in the yard so they cannot escape. This is why they are called “chained dogs”. They wait every day for their Super Heroes to come save them! That’s why we wanted to share their situation with you. Please remember if it makes you sad or angry that it’s okay for you to feel that way. That means you really love animals and care about them! That’s called compassion for animals. Since you care, you can ask what can be done to show these dogs that people like you love them and want to help. We believe in Pawtectors and know that you can use your Super Hero Powers to make a difference in the lives of all animals. We thank you and are so proud of you for doing what you can. We know that it can be hard to learn about sad things like this, but this story can have a happy ending once people know that a change needs to be made!

Did you know that there are many puppies and dogs around the world, possibly including your community, that spend their entire life attached to a chain? They are kept in backyards, in small spaces where they can’t move, sometimes left to deal with extreme cold or heat without shelter, food or even water. Being tied on a short chain with no chance to run and play for every moment of each day is bad for their physical and emotional health. It is extremely upsetting for most people to see dogs chained in a yard during cold winter days and the hottest days of summer with no shelter or food/water.


Imagine if you could never leave a chair in your house. Not to play, not to stand up or go to the bathroom, no one to talk to you or show you love, and you might not get food or water every day. How would that make you feel? We’re thinking it would be pretty sad, lonely, and unhappy. That’s exactly how these puppies and dogs feel. Just like you, they are living, breathing and feeling creatures who thrive on the love and companionship of their humans. 

As Pawtectors, we learn about animals in need and want to show compassion, love and care for all animals every day. Can you believe that these chained dog’s owners don’t even acknowledge them as anything other than “unwanted animals”? These dogs do not know loving pets or kisses. Most have never had a toy in their lives or anyone to play with. Many of these desperate animals are not given fresh water or daily food, and do not get medical help if they get sick or injured. This is just is not right. Chained dogs are waiting for Pawtector’s voices, like yours, to speak up for them so the story of these chained dogs can be heard.

Your parents might not even know that many of our 50 states in the U.S. have laws that actually allow owners to treat their animals this way. These states protect the owners, not the dogs, but that doesn’t stop SUPER HERO animal rescues. It is the mission of these rescues to do all they can to make a difference in the lives of these desperate dogs. Many chain dogs are some of the sweetest but understandably shy animals.    


Here is a table of State Dog Tether Laws so you and your parents can educate yourself on how your state thinks and who they protect. If it has laws that allow pet owners to treat their animals with neglect and abandon, we hope it inspires you to use your Super Hero voice and make a difference.

Some of these animals have horrible living situations because their owners don’t have the resources, money or education to treat them the way they deserve. In many places, an animal is seen as an object instead of a living thing with feelings. This is a way of thinking that allows some people to mistreat their animals. Some people in your city may think this way too. If you spend time with an animal, you can see that they have thoughts and feelings, and that this way of thinking is harmful and wrong. There is hope, like we said, that these dogs can have a happy ending to their stories. Pawtectors just like you help educate and inspire people to treat animals like the loved family members that they are. There are many Super Hero rescues across the U.S. whose mission is to improve the lives of chained dogs when there is no other hope for them, and you can help them by spreading awareness and using your voice.

HOWS (House of Wood & Straw) Dog Shelter Install project – www.housesofwoodandstraw.org

One kind of rescue/volunteer group that helps chained dogs around the United States was created and exists to build shelters and fencing for these chained dogs to give them a better day-to-day life. HOWS Dog Shelter Install Project is one of those groups. This is not the ideal life for a chained dog, but living in a fenced in area with a shelter to keep them warm, dry, and away from harsh weather is much better than being on a chain with no shelter or space to run and play. 

As Pawtectors, we do our best to educate and inspire our neighborhoods and communities on animal compassion and care. We also use social media to educate people on the struggles of these desperate chained dogs. For many pet owners, they just can’t imagine that someone could treat an animal with such disrespect and lack of care.  

Here are some things you can do to help chained dogs:

  • Be a Pawtector Super Hero and a Voice for those Who Cannot Speak.
  • Be part of the PawSquad Press & report about chained dogs to educate others.
  • If you know someone who keeps their dog chained outside only, offer to walk/play with their dog or bring them water/food (with your parent’s supervision/permission).
  • Have a food/blanket drive for your local rescue who helps chained dogs.
  • Contact one of the rescue groups & ask how you might be able to help.
  • Contact your local rescue/shelter or animal control department if a dog/puppy is in danger and in desperate need of help.

HOWS (House of Wood & Straw) Shelter/Fence project – www.housesofwoodandstraw.org

The following are a partial list of rescues/organizations that dedicate their time to helping free chained dogs.   

Unchain America – Helping To Free Chained and Penned Dogs Across The Country   www.unchainamerica.net 

Chain of Love – Home (chainoflovedogs.org)

Chain of Hope …because animals have no voice. (www.chainofhopekc.org)

HOWS Project – Helping Outside Dogs In Need Since 2008 (housesofwoodandstraw.org 

Off the Chain MKE | Milwaukee, WI | dog rescue

NMDOG   www.nmdog.org

Worthy Dog Rescue – A nonprofit helping dogs living on chains, in confinement, or in abusive situations, and educating the community about more humane treatment of dogs

Dogs Deserve Better | Leading The Way And Making A Difference for Chained and Penned Dogs Across America

Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue  – https://unchainedmelodies.org/

Helping chained dogs definitely takes a village. If you are aware of a situation in your community, but your local Animal Control Officer or shelter is unresponsive, reach out to organizations like the Animal League Defense Fund  www.aldf.org, the Humane Society of the United States www.humanesociety.org, The American Society to Prevent Cruelty to Animals www.aspca.org , American Pets Alive, www.americanpetsalive.org.

Encourage people to bring their dogs inside this winter. A home is where they belong.

Will you have a heart for chained dogs? You may be the only one that has ever cared for them. Your voice and actions CAN save a life!

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